Barges, beer and blossom

By Charlie Beckett

May 4, 2010

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Category: Swim

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The water from Highgate Ponds runs into the Fleet River which ends up in the Thames. I was swimming in the Thames near Kelmscott in Oxfordshire during the Bank Holiday Weekend. I was part of a group celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday with a canoe/camping trip from Lechlade to Oxford. We experienced sun, wind, rain, and hail, grebes, herons, barges, beer and blossom.


One Response to “Barges, beer and blossom”

  1. Thank you Charlie for being such a swim enthusiast. I would never have considered venturing in if you had not – and it was a joy.

    I will remember this next time I am dithering or using my energy trying to persuade others to go in so that I can!

    Looking forward to many beautiful river swims this summer/autumn.

    Kirsten, I and others often swim in the stretch that we finally boated up yesterday – back to Donnington Bridge. Its a great spot too.

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