Eradicating Immigrants

By Charlie Beckett

April 26, 2011

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Pink Bluebells are something of an oxymoron, but here they were amidst the traditional variety blooming beyond Kenwood House. I think they are Hyacinthoides hispatica pink, syn. Scilla campanulata pink, or Spanish bluebells. They are an introduced alien species that is allegedly threatening the natives.

So they are a bit like the Monk parakeets that add a dash of green and some raucous, exotic noise to my runs on the Heath. The Department for the Environment is to mount a campaign to eradicate the feathered immigrants because they might also become a dangerous competitor to the weedier British birds.

I think I am opposed to the plan. As the child of an immigrant, my north London liberal instinct is to welcome the genetic mix. As a taxpayer, I can’t help feeling that it won’t work. And anyway, if they are going to turn the UK into a state-controlled nature reserve, then surely they should also dig up the parasitical pink bluebells who have come over here and taken over our turf?


One Response to “Eradicating Immigrants”

  1. I am also opposed to this. Let nature take it’s course that is what I say 🙂

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