When I say a hot pool, I mean a really hot pool

By Charlie Beckett

August 11, 2011


Category: Swim

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Grettislaug thermal pool is 20 km up a gravel road alongside the shore of the drowned glacial valley of Skagafjörður in the north of Iceland. There are actually two pools sheltering behind a wall that abuts directly onto the sea. Mountains loom overhead on the other side.

One pool is comfortably warm, the other almost unbearably hot. Legend tells (and in Iceland legend is only a little step away from something quite close to real history) of an outlaw exiled to an island a couple of miles off the coast. He escapes by swiming through the freezing sea to the beach only to collapse by the pools. Two local chicks discover him and laugh at his sea-water shrivelled manhood. He leaps into the hot pool to revive his prospects, as it were, before ravishing both women.


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