Botany Bay

Turner would have liked this sky above Botany Bay, the most northerly of Broadstairs’ seven beaches.

Which is appropriate, as we swam there after walking around the coast from Margate and its compact new modern art gallery, the Turner Contemporary.

It was warm, sheltered by the beautiful chalk cliffs and shallow. You walk out for at least 100 metres across a smooth shelf of the Cretaceous rock. The North Sea was as flat as Highgate ponds.

Offshore there were various container ships, apparently parked. While an oil rig (coming in for repair?) moved eerily closer.

All very lovely but a little dark for a day at the beach. As we moved off to Broadstairs a very Dickensian rain storm began.

One mystery remains. I don’t know why it’s called Botany Bay. Does it have anything to do with James Cook and Sydney?


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