Warm Springs

Deep in the Appalachian mountains  is this wonderful 250 year old bath house at the aptly named village of Warm Springs. This is actually the Ladies Pool, but there are two similar sheds named after President Jefferson who took to these limpid waters.

When we bathed both were open to mixed company but it was so late in the season that we had them almost to ourselves. The autumn sunshine slanted in through the mesh at the top of the roof as well as between the numerous cracks in the rather ancient looking planking.

The men’s pool is nearly seven feet deep so you have to use floats. And when you need stimulation there are two ‘jacuzzi’ pools. You sit down and the attendant allows water to sluice through at very high pressure from the pool overflows creating a noisy and exhilarating hydro massage.

As we floated, a bright red maple leaf drifted through a gap and settled on the slightly steaming surface.



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