St Paul’s Left In The Shard

The Shard is undeniably a landmark building that provides a new jag to the London skyline. It rises up on the horizon first when approaching the capital from the south and can suddenly fill your field of vision with angled glass when looking up from the streets of London Bridge.

Some might see it as a rather bland and overweening example of corporate architectural phallocentrism, others as a spectacular addition to our urban landscape. My personal gripe (and you knew a gripe was coming didn’t you?) is that it spoils the view of St Paul’s Cathedral from Kite Hill as I stagger up on the last leg of my run. London’s most memorable structural profile that survived the Blitz now wear’s this vast dunce’s cap when seen from the Heath.

(Apologies for the poor quality iPhone pic but you get the point – as does St Paul’s).

[@RowanDavies points out that some London views of St Paul’s are protected by law – great idea]


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