Right Angle at the Lakes

Sometimes it just all comes together.

I had hiked up here from Helston, across to Arthur’s Pike, then south along the old Roman road that goes along the ridge past Loadpit Hill and High Raise with Ullswater off to the north.

It was warm day with classic piled up Lakeland clouds mixing it with mid-summer sun.

Then a sharp right turn and here was Angle Tarn sitting above Ratterdale with views west across to Helvellyn.

I chose a tent site on that hillock at the top right of the picture so that I’d get all round views and sunset and sunrise. It took until about 9 to set, turning the whole plateau russet. The breeze kept the midges off while I ate my meal of pot noodles with a tent peg. (Forgot the cutlery)

When I swam in the evening sun at the edge of the tarn the sediment stirred up like tea-leaves in the whisky coloured water. It was surprisingly warm both in the water and even outside sitting on the boggy bank to dry (forgot a towel).

Then as it grew dark the wind dropped and a dome of stars appeared.

Luckily I had not forgotten some uisge beatha, so I could celebrate this perfect evening.

The next morning I was up at 7am to get up Place Fell before returning to ‘civilisation’ and a bus back to Penrith from Pooley Bridge.

[Much, much better photos of this magical place here]


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