Endings, beginnings

It’s been a sensational summer but I feel like my year has turned.

Today was my last run and swim before I go somewhere much hotter and much wetter: Japan in hurricane season. Lots of storms and onsen. By the time I get back we’ll be in autumnal mode.

This afternoon I discovered that once you are past 50 years old it doesn’t matter if you exercise regularly because a dandyish 19 year old who thinks working out is burning the proverbial candle will still run you into the ground over 5 kms of Heath.

At one point my son muttered something about ‘this doesn’t feel much faster than walking’. He’s right, it wasn’t.

The pond water temperature has now dipped below 20 degrees for the first time in months. Some of the oaks are yellowing and all the wildfowl chicks are grown up.

My little chick easily paddled past me on a lap of the Men’s Pond.

He’s off to start studying in Glasgow next month, so although I hope he runs around Kelvingrove Park, I suspect he won’t be doing much wild swimming in the Clyde. It was a wonderful way to end a beautiful season, being together and thinking about our futures, not the past.





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