Keep taking the medicine

I was feeling crap yesterday with the same virus that everyone else has been getting. So I nearly didn’t go for a run and swim.

But it was so warm and the sun felt great. By the end of the hour I was feeling normal again.

The cold water (13 degrees) seemed to numb the germs and I could almost feel the vitamin D flowing through my veins.

I was cured!

Certainly enough to go off to Oxford on the train for a lecture.

I wake up the next day with normal flu-like service resumed.

I like to think that swimming all year around builds up immunity from illness. I rarely come down with colds these days. But I suspect it’s just general fitness keeping them at bay and the fact I don’t use the tube or buses. Once the virus strikes, you are done for. Just a First World Problem when you think about what is happening in West Africa.


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